Flathead Kennel Club of MT

Please accept our warmest welcome!

We are the Flathead Kennel Club of MT, (FKC), as a registered member of the American Kennel Club, we are dedicated to advocating for, protecting, and enhancing the sport and responsible breeding of purebred dogs.

Flathead Kennel Club of MT, (FKC) PO Box 2547, Kalispell MT 59903

A few of the activities our members enjoy include:

Agility    Conformation    Obedience    Rally    Search & Rescue    Tracking


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Jennifer Hill Seminar

Saturday, September 17th 10:00am - 4:00pm
Smith Valley Grange, 2856 Hwy 2 West, Kalispell, MT


Audit (without a dog) for $40.00
Attend (with a dog) for $90.00 (ONLY 10 dogs will be allowed to attend)


Smith Valley Grange
2856 Hwy 2 West
59901 Kalispell , MT
United States
Montana US